How to change response_type queryparam before navigating to Universal Login Page


I’m using @auth0/auth0-angular 1.11.0 library in the Angular version of our SPA but I’m having trouble with the token I’m receiving as it’s not similar to the ones we usually use in our older non-Angular version. The only important different I can notice is that the value for response_type is different. In the Angular version it’s code while in the old application it’s id_token

I tried looking for documentation of package to change this value but having trouble finding it. The one I found below is a broken link.

My current config only provides the values for domain, clientId and audience. Might adding another value fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi @jeremiac,

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The response_type may not be the problem. Let’s take a look at the core of the issue; can you please provide an example of the token you are receiving and the one you are expecting?

Hi Dan,

I had email correspondence with an Auth0 rep and got my answers. This thread can be closed.

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Thanks for the update.

For future users: The auth0-angular SDK doesn’t allow for grants other than the auth code flow. Regardless, you should be able to get the same ID token by passing the correct scopes.

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