Type: Failed Login & Failed Silent Auth -> Description: Missing required parameter: response_type & Login required

I am facing issues with the auth0 login. I have added various issues that most of the users have been facing for the last few months since we upgraded our auth0 from auth0-lock to @auth0/auth0-angular SDK as auth0-lock was not able to support large tokens for login.

  1. The user needs to login twice after the expiration of the token
  2. In the Normal browser mode, I get an error with Type: Failed login → Description: Missing required parameter: response_type
  3. In the Incognito browser mode, I get another error with Type: Failed Silent Auth → Description: Login required

While Issue 1 of logging in twice has been happening for quite some time now, Issues 2 & 3 have surfaced lately in the last 24 hours, and users are struggling to use our application because of this critical issue.

@ dawid.matuszczyk peter.fernandez rueben.tiow Can someone look at this as its been more than 10 days

Look on your Auth properties (the part that triggers /authorize) because you are probably missing response_type property to be set in your authorize request…

If you do standar OpenId the response_type is usually “code” for PKCE

Look in your browser request to /authorize endpoint what is in URL parameters there should be response_type

I’m bit wondered because Angular SDK s should append this automatically