Can't change app away from "Machine to Machine"

I have the same issue as noted in this post:
Application stuck with machine-to-machine type

However, I don’t really understand how to perform the solution that is given. (Nor do I understand why @colin.coutts’s answer wasn’t “oh jeez, that’s a bug with our web form and we will fix it!”. Is this not a bug?)

I’m still struggling to get the Management API to work with my credentials (which is why I was messing with the settings in the first place), so requiring me to use that API to revert a setting is kind of a tall order for me.

When I tried using that form that the answer linked to, I got “Unauthorized”/“Missing authentication”. What credentials is that form looking for? What does it want besides the Client ID? There aren’t any more form fields to fill out!

Can someone give me a procedure for fixing this that is dumbed down to a beginner level?

(Alternately, maybe someone at Auth0 can just fix the broken form please?)

My colleague spotted what I missed: the “Set API Token” button in the top-right corner!

Now I feel silly.


Thanks for following up with the solution here, glad you were able to get it sorted :smile:

But, you know, still… please fix the form. It’s clearly a bug.

Hey @gbirchmeier I agree with your sentiment - I’ve filed a ticket internally and am happy to update here when I have more information myself :slight_smile:

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