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Client type changed when I renamed the client



I was using the dashboard to rename one of my applications (clients). The client was a machine to machine client which allowed me to set which API’s it had access to… all good. However, when changed the name of the client it randomly changed the application type to ‘NATIVE’. Now I have no access to the API tab to set the API’s that it has access to.

I have repeated these steps with new clients to verify that I’m not going mad.

I really need my existing client turning back into a MACHINE TO MACHINE client type as it would be a massive pain to have to create a new one and change the config in all my microservices.



I’m having the same problem. My hope is that running the auth0 deploy cli (with the app type set to “non_interactive”) will effectively fix a given client/app, but IMO it is a bug that saving the client name for a machine-to-machine application ‘converts’ it to a Native app, and then you are stuck as far as the dashboard is concerned.

To be clear, once a “machine to machine” application has changed to a “native” application, the is no way in the dashboard to set it back to machine to machine.


I’m also having the same problem. It’s indeed very annoying to change all the application IDs and secrets…
I’ve opened a support ticket for this.


@smada2108 @Joe_Tillotson @Michael_Organimmo thank you for bringing this to our attention! This is a bug in the dashboard that we have now been able to identity. I will update this thread once this is fixed!

As a temporary workaround we can change the application type using the Update a Client endpoint in the Management API. We can pass in the client id of the application and the following in the body:

{ "app_type": "non_interactive"}


It looks like it’s fixed in the dashboard. Thank you for the fast response.


That is correct! The fix has been deployed. Please let us know if you notice any unexpected behavior in the future.