Cannot update user email for Passwordless flow

We are doing passwordless.
Once a user logs in for the first time, we ask for a username and an email address to complete the signup process. We cannot do this on lockjs because passwordless flow does not accept additional signup fields. So we are doing our custom solution, and calling the Management API.

The intention here is to update the email address first, then call for a verification job on Management API.

However the API errors out as “Cannot update email for this user”, I’m guessing this is another limitation of passwordless.

I need users’ emails simply because they need to access their accounts if they change phone numbers. B2C already has this flow, but I don’t see how I can achieve the same functionality on Auth0.

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I have the exact same scenario. Doing sms passwordless to sign up users. Eventually after sign up, I want to assign the created user an email via the Management API, but get “Cannot update email for this user”. I am able to update other user fields, just not email.

@lihua.zhang @praveen.addepally you guys seem knowledgeable on this matter based on other posts. thoughts?

The way I understand from back and forth mails with support, this is not supported.
There is no way to go only with passwordless in Auth0, you have to have a backup username-password connection as well as a secondary identity. Only then you can modify email.

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community after talking with our Developer Support team!

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