Can I pre-authorize passwordless auth for only certain email addresses?


I have successfully enabled the Password-less authentication flow, but I do not want everyone in the world to be able to use the site - only a couple dozen pre-selected email addresses. I was hoping to create user accounts for these users in the Auth0 data store, and allow passwordless workflow for them without opening up the website to the public. But it seems any new users I create in the Auth0 UI can have only the username / password option.

Is it possible to enable password-less login flow for a limited list of users before they sign up, so I can keep unauthorized users from logging in via Auth0?

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  • benton

Hi @benton,

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Yes, you can create a passwordless invite-only flow.

Here is the basic setup:

The user should receive an email invite after they are created.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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