Create passwordless user through API without first time email

I’m creating a passwordless email user through the management API.
When I do this, it triggers a new email. I’m only creating passwordless email users through the api, and I’m using them complimentary to my user-password connection.

Is there a possibility to disable the first time email on passwordless signup?

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If you haven’t done so already I would try including "verify_email": false in the payload you’re sending to the create user endpoint; that parameter is documented in the Management API explorer and a I also did a quick test with a email passwordless connection and creating the user with that flag did not result in any email being sent.

As additional information, in my test I also had the welcome email template disabled; you did not fully specify which email you were receiving so you may also want to check your email templates settings.

Hi João,

Thanks for the fast feedback. I did include verify_email: false in the payload but I still got the email. That did give me a hint in the right direction.
Adding email_verified: true, to the payload, made sure the newly created passwordless email user did not receive an email.

Thanks @jmangelo :)!