Cannot send password change emails

Not sure what’s wrong. But we can’t send password change emails via the api?
I’m using this:

It DOES show in the user’s history (in auth0) that the password reset was successfully requested. But no email appears…

I’ve also tested the sending a ‘password change’ email from the templates section of the tenant, and it doesn’t send an email from there either? (It says email send successfully, but doesnt seem to appear).

Any suggestions?

Hi @truescope

Have you set up your own custom email provider? If so, check if you have any logs in the provider itself, it could be blocked there.

Also, make sure that the user exists in an Auth0 database (not social databases or external IdPs) otherwise, the password reset email won’t be sent.

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Thanks Ricardo. On your suggestion - I investigated the email provider further and found that the username/password/domain settings were incorrect. After fixing that up, it worked fine.
I was thrown off because auth0 implied that emails were being sent successfully!

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Perfect! Glad that it’s working now!

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