Calling change_password in Authentication API does not send email

I’m using the API to post a change_password request using Postman

I’m getting a successful 200 response (“We’ve just sent you an email to reset your password.”), but there is no actual email sent to the user.

I’m sending { “email”: “”, “connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication” }
The account email is verified already.

Using the login lock widget, the forgot password link works fine and there is a logged event ( Success Change Password Request) and the email is sent.

Hey @chuck.sterner,

Do you have a custom email provider configured for your tenant?


Yes we do. I have been able to send mail successfully, including the verify email.

Ah, that’s great to know!

I’ve solved the issue. Clicking the ‘Run in Postman’ set everything up in Postman, but with a different tenant. It defaulted to my production tenant instead of the dev tenant I was working with. Once I changed the environment variable to be the correct tenant, everything worked as expected.

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Perfect to hear that! Glad you have figured it out Chuck!

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