Cannot edit users

Hi everyone.

I am a very non-tech person, so I ask for forgiveness in advance if I may be asking this question in the wrong way.

I am part of a team and the other team members are able to edit users, re-send verification emails etc. I am able to log in and see our users but do not have any editing options at all in any of the categories. Does anyone know why this would be?

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Hey there Emily!

No worries :slight_smile: Are you talking about the dashboard or something else? Can you share the screenshot of the situation so I can understand it better? Thank you!

Hello and thanks for the reply!
No, it is on the user management pages. Here are two pics taken from the same user’s profile, one showing a teammate who does have editing and also tabs that are not available in the second picture.

Thanks a lot for providing that! Let mme dive into it! It will be great if you can also send me your tenant name over private message so we can check if there’s nothing wrong happening behind the scenes with your account / tenant.

We’re in the process of investigating that, but it seems like individual scenario. Will keep everyone posted once we find something!

Solution here was:

Removing access then re-inviting

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