Cannot Access Teams Dashboard after Upgrade to New Self-Service Subscription


This article provides details for customers when they upgrade their Self-Service subscription to the Auth0 Teams base subscription, and they can not access the Auth0 Teams Dashboard.


Customers cannot access the Auth0 Teams Dashboard. They are an admin of tenant xyx , but they have the Contributor role (teams_contributor ) in the Team associated with their tenant. To manage its subscription, it needs to have the Team Owner role (see Team Membership Roles for more details).

When a tenant is upgraded to a team-based subscription, the tenant members are automatically added as Team Members. One of the current tenant admins should be the Team Owner and have full access to the Team Dashboard. They must contact the current Team Owner in order for them to be added as a Team Owner for this team account.

Please Note : If customers do not know the Team Owner or the Team Owner leaves the company, Auth0 Support can try to provide them with that information after carrying out a verification process.