Can I use Auth0 to implement the following requirements?

(I have tried several Auth platforms with no success)

Create user’s credentials
Being able to create user credentials in the Identity Provider directory from within the custom web-app. Use the IdP APIs to create users.

MFA Multi-factor authentication with device memorization.
• The first time a user accesses the web-app the auth system should perform an MF authentication using an email or text to cell phone (SMS).
• Users will enter the unique code sent by MF authentication and log into the web-app. The auth systems should remember the user’s device and do not request MF auth for a period of time.

Session management
• Users should be able to access the web-app without authenticating (user name and password) if the device is still withing the period of time allowed by the MF auth system.

Active user session expiration
• If a user accesses the web-app and successfully authenticates leaves the web-app running for a period of time, the web-app should automatically warn and log-off the users.

I can assure you that all the requirements are achievable with Auth0.

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