Can I change the plan from annual to monthly during the contract?

I plan to contract the Auth0 Enterprise plan for 2.5 years. To reduce the cost, I would like to contract with an annual plan for the first two years, and then a monthly plan for the following six months. Can I change plans during the contract like this?


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Hi @takuto.kimura.yu,

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Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.

I have already contacted the sales team via the forum you mentioned. He replied to me that the Japan branch cannot answer to such a question and guided me to this forum.
This forum appears to be the place to ask technical questions, so I will contact the sales representative again. Thank you.

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Sorry, the contract plan I wrote at the first post was incorrect. I am now planning to contract the B2C “Professional” plan. The sales person informed me that I can inquire about the Professional plan in this community. Could you teach me whether I can change the plan during the contract? Thanks.

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Hi @takuto.kimura.yu,

Thanks for your patience.

The answer to your question is: Yes. Once the yearly plan is completed, you can opt for a monthly plan.

Hope that helps,

Hi @dan.woda

My question has been fully resolved. Thank you!

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