Callback with chrome gives 504

Something seems to have changed recently and I can’t login to my nuxt spa using Google with regular Chrome. Firefox works as does Incognito Chrome.

I’ve disabled all plugins to no avail.

In incognito (or Firefox) the sequence is

In regular Chrome with all extensions turned off the callback eventually 504’s instead of redirecting to the last callback. The error page gave me a request ID “7552c9a6357054bb”

edit to add: the plot thickens. Regular Chrome but switching profiles to one with less extensions installed seems to work … I might trial and error removing chrome extensions to see if there’s a particular one misbehaving

OK So in the end clearing local storage for resolved the problem.

This feels like a bug though. I should be able to use as well as my application that includes a redirect through’s infrastructure … which I can no longer reproduce so hopefully the request ID provides y’all with what you need :slight_smile:

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