Callback URL timeout with react SPA hosted on AWS s3 using Auth0

I have a react SPA deployed on AWS s3 that uses Auth0 user authentication. The app, including login/logout flow, works fine on my local machine but fails with a timeout when trying to access the callback URL on the s3 deployed app.

I can see from the Auth0 logs that the user authentication succeeds but the app times out when trying to access the callback URL with the user token etc.

I have configured the callback URLs in the Auth0 client settings as below:

https://{my-app-name}, https://{my-app-name}

and I have added https://{my-app-name} as the callbackUrl parameter in auth0-variables.js.

As far as I can tell the s3 bucket is configured correctly and the app works for all non-protected routes.

Can you try capturing a HAR file for the authentication flow to help us debug this.

Please remove any sensitive information from the file before sending it through.

Hi Prashant, thanks for your response, I’ve got the HAR file but can’t attach it here and am on the free plan so can’t log a support ticket… Any further suggestions?

You can upload it to any cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive) and share the link here. If you’d like to restrict access to only Auth0 staff, feel free to protect the URL to the email domain using

I fixed it!

No worries, I managed to fix it

I managed to fix it.

Not exactly sure what I had wrong but after creating a new bucket and retyping all the config URL’s in both Auth0 and client code this problem was fixed. Possibly a typo or errant / somewhere.