Auth0 incorrect callback URL


I am using a react SPA with auth0 for login.

The app is hosted on AWS Amplify, which has a default URL structure of

I am using a custom domain to access the app for example: The custom domain is applied using CNAME DNS records.

Some of the users are hanging on login, and when I check the logs I can see that there is an callback URL mismatch error.

In the auth0 application I have allowed callbacks to, but some users are being redirected to (the non custom domain version) which I dont know why?

What is the reason a user would be redirected to the original URL and not the custom domain URL? It only seems to happen with some users.

Hi @nmck,

Thank you for posting your question on Auth0 Community! Usually, after successful authentication, users are redirected back to the callback_url sent in the initial Authorization request. Those who get redirected back to the URL, are they using a bookmarked authorize URL?

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Hi @supun,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please clarify your question, I am not entirely sure what you mean by bookmarking the authorise URL.

As far as I am aware the users are visiting the URL, but I will check how some users are accessing the app and report back.

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