Not authenticated after login?

I just deployed my react js application on aws amplify. I am able to log in locally and am authenticated through auth0. After deploying to amplify and changing the callback and origin url I am able to login but auth0 does not consider me to be authenticated. Why would this be?

Hi @connergiovenco,

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I understand that you have experienced a case where you can log in but it does not consider you authenticated.

To help you investigate the issue further, could you please capture the login events in a HAR file and send them to me as a direct message?


As an update. I changed the redirect url and now it seems to authenticate but it still seems to be in an endless loop of redirection until eventually it asks me to sign in again.

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Hi @connergiovenco,

Just following up on this thread here.

Yes, that is correct. The first issue I noticed involved a Callback URL mismatch error. I believe you have already addressed this issue.

The second thing I found was that the user logging in can successfully authenticate. In my testing, I was able to log in to your app and verify the timestamps in your tenant logs to confirm that I could successfully authenticate. This is determined by the s event type code in the logs.

After logging in, I am redirected to your callback to enter credentials again on your custom-hosted page. But as far as the Auth0 authorization server is concerned at this stage, the user is considered logged in.

With that, I can confirm that the user is logging in correctly.

Please reach out again if you have any additional questions. I’d be happy to help.


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