What is the Authorize App screen during signup?

I expect I am missing something simple here but while following this code:

as a sample to update an existing AWS Amplify app to use Auth0, I’m getting a second screen during signup that I didn’t expect. I added a new Log In button which sends me to the hosted Universal Login screen. I click Sign Up to make a new account, fill in user/pw and then click the Continue button. I expected this would be all there is but I was immediately presented with another screen that looks like an Oauth request. It is title Authorize App and says " is requesting access to your account." where “appname” is the name of the Auth0 Application I created and “account” appears to be the name of my Auth0 account.

Is this a required step or have I got something configured wrong? My expectation is that I can get a hosted signup page that accepts username/pw or social login and creates an account for the user and they can proceed to the app without authorizing some other thing. I have changed as little as possible to get an initial test up and running. I created an Auth0 SPA Application and an API so I can try to get the access token to run queries once I get the login system in place. I’m not sure what other information will help answer the question, so let me know what additional settings or details I can provide.

I think I found the answer:

While my app should count as first-party and my API has the skip consent set to true, in testing on localhost the consent screen is always required since localhost is not a verifiable. It should be normal once deployed to a proper domain. Carry on, nothing to see here.