C# JWT/Cookie Validation - Checking if already logged in

I currently have a Vue.js website using the Auth0 SPA SDK. I also have a site built in Blazor using Auth0.AspNetCore.Authentication. If I log in to either site - I want to be able to confirm with Auth0 that the user is already logged in and not have to log in separately for each page - is that possible? My thought would be it should be stored locally as a cookie but checking with the AspNetCore SDK I don’t see anyway to check, same w/ the SPA SDK for JS? Am I overlooking something?

Well, the general idea is that if you are logged into one of the apps, then you probably have an Auth0 session established. So when you are trying to log into another app, try to do that w/o a prompt (not asking for user credentials). If you manage to achieve that, then you have a session already.

Not sure why you need that, as usually it’s the opposite: log into app B, if you are already logged into app A.

I think also, that you may be able to use Auth0 actions to achieve something similar, but I haven’t tried to do that personally.

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Currently i’m using => auth0/auth0-aspnetcore-authentication: SDK for integrating Auth0 in ASPNET Core (github.com)

My goal here is to build a front end (portal) that has multiple Auth0 apps behind it, and allow users to log in on entry to portal and then carry that Auth with them as they go to the apps in the portal. Right now logging in twice works but it’s an annoyance. I can’t seem to see any code examples using the SDK of reading an existing Auth’d cookie or state?

I also tried pulling these Cookies - Authentication API Cookies (auth0.com) - no luck