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Basic SSO not working



I’m trying to setup a simple SSO between two clients, and have set it up according to the instructions with compliant OIDC. I can call authorize() on the Auth0.js component, and get redirected to the login page correctly and can sign in, get the token and all is good.

However if I then call authorize() a second time, either in the same client or in a second client, I have to login again. It does not recognize that I am already logged in.

I understand there is a cookie that should tell the auth0 server I am already logged in and bypass the login screen - can someone help me out, or at least let me know the name of the cookie so I can check it is being set?


Technically the cookie name is an implementation detail and subject to change, however, for troubleshooting reasons you should check what cookies are being set for the domain [your_auth0_domain] as that it’s where the authorization endpoint and subsequent login operation are performed. In particular, at this time you may want to at least check a cookie going by the name of auth0 as a quick test proved that deleting it had an impact on the existing user session.


Ah, I see what is happening now…
It actually is logged in, but I am seeing the screen that says “Last time you logged in with” instead of being redirected straight back to the host app. This isn’t what I expected but seems is the default behaviour (
I see I can use prompt=“none” but this will fail if there is no active session - I guess I can then re-authorize without prompt=“none” but would be easier if I can disable the “Last time you logged in with” screen. Is this possible?


To answer my own question, I changed this to use slient login and it now works just as I expect
This code is probably totally dodg, but it works for my test so I am happy :slight_smile:
public login(): void {
this.mgr.checkSession({}, (err, authResult) => {
if (err)
// Set the time that the access token will expire at
const expiresAt = JSON.stringify((authResult.expiresIn * 1000) + new Date().getTime());
localStorage.setItem(‘access_token’, authResult.accessToken);
localStorage.setItem(‘id_token’, authResult.idToken);
localStorage.setItem(‘expires_at’, expiresAt);


(Sorry about the formatting - tried many times to fix it but doesn’t seem to want to work)