Bulk user operation


i was wondering if i can bulk send email verification link to all of our pending users.
we have quite a bit of users who don’t have their emails verified, instead of going one by one, is it possible to filter out all the pending accounts and send them emails verification link?


Hey @ammar.esmaeel ,

Looking at docs another way to send verification emails is by using the management api’s endpoint.

You would loop through exported users’ email_verified field to gather IDs of those with a “false” value and send for each of them a request to post-verification-email endpoint.

Here’s more about it under “Use Auth0 Management API” sub-tab - Resend Verification Emails


hey @marcelina.barycka

thank you for the quick reply.
this seems possible only for accounts with managed endpoints, but our users use auth0 to access our platform. so there is no device attached to their accounts.


Hey @ammar.esmaeel !

this seems possible only for accounts with managed endpoints

To export all users you would get them for each connection you have separately.

Have a good day!

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