Can we verify additional emails?

Today we receive this great update from Auth0 notifications in our tenant:

Management APIv2 now supports email verification on all connection types

However, it’s not clear to me if I can use this to verify additional emails. The specific scenario I’m thinking of is we have a feature where the users can associate additional email addresses to the account (for some other feature we have in our product), a list of them.

Can we use the same auth0 workflow we have in place to validate the main address in order to validate any additional email address after this announcement somehow?

Hi @nils,

If you just wanted to add additional, verified emails to the same identity, then I’m afraid this new feature set won’t be able to achieve that currently as there is only one email_verified flag for a given user.
Please feel free to raise this as a feature request here though, the more people who ask for it the more likely it will become supported:

I think the only way you could do this currently would be to use a different connection (i.e. multiple identities for the same user) for each email address, but that is likely not suitable for your use case, and you would not be able to link the accounts either as they would lose the separate verification statuses (see the linked profile example here: So not a good solution for multiple reasons.

I’m sorry I didn’t have better news for you!

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Thanks for clarifying.

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We are here for you!

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