Add multiple email addresses to the same user

Is there any way to add multiple email addresses to the same user?

I assume this could be done via account linking.

We’re using WordPress. Is there any way to do it from the auth0 dashboard, or do we have to implement a custom feature on our webapp to allow users to link their 2 accounts?


Hi @simon.stekler

You can link via the mgmt API. But be very careful with this, if you link a valid account with an attacker’s account, the attacker will have full access to the valid account.

The question is why? What’s the use case? Email is fundamental to identity so adding identities is very complex and should be evaluated thoroughly for security issues.


Hi @john.gateley hn,

Thanks for the response.

I understand this is usually an inherently bad idea - some employees would like to be able to log into our company app with their company OR personal email address.

I think we scratched the idea though - you are right!

What endpoint in the mgmt API allows this?

Sorry, that didn’t come across very clear. That link goes to the endpoint, not the overall doc page.