Email verification magic link

In case someone has done this already

Can someone please confirm if there is an auth0 api I can use to verify a users email address ? I don’t need to authenticate the user just verification of the email

The reason why I am saying I don’t need to authenticate the user is that the user may be just on sms or on a different computer and might be clicking the link from a different computer

I found these 2 links and have not yet taken a deep dive

First link

second link

The reason why I am saying I don’t want to authenticate is that (link 1) it seems to have a limitation that says the below and I don’t want to enforce that for now

“both the initial request and its response must take place in the same browser or the transaction will fail”

I will not be sending the user any confidential data so don’t have a need to authenticate just need to verify that it’s a valid email

Thanks a ton!

Hi @devops12 ,

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If I understand correctly, you want to use Auth0 API to verify if users email address is valid. Could you please try the List/Search user endpoint in the Management API?


in the q field, enter

I have tested this, and it worked for me. Hope this helps!

Thanks !
I will check this out.

And just to clarify, this will send the user an email and they just click on the magic link
the user need not have provided this in the same browser or anything of that sort (like required in the magic link for authentication)

example of desired sample of email attached

The user will receive an email like below.

By clicking on the link or the “Confirm password change” button, it will redirect user to the next page to enter the new password twice to update the password.