Bulk Import Stormpath Data

Hey Group,

I’ve read the following article Easily Migrate Your Existing Stormpath Users to Auth0 which suggests there’s a way to bulk import stormpath users. All I’ve found is your import/export extension that requires an explicit format for the json files. Stormpath doesn’t give you the option to export the information in a specific format, but rather I’m left with thousands of .json files with account information I would like to import into Auth0. Is there additional documentation on how to convert the stormpath tenant data over to something Auth0 will accept, or a tool I can use to import this data in bulk?

You can use the import/export extension as mentioned, or use the Management API directly - either by using the Bulk Import endpoint, or by calling the Create user endpoint individually for each user.

Either way, you will need to write some code to process the Stormpath files into the correct format to pass to either API endpoint.