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Stormpath Export Tool



Stormpath have recently created an export tool in relation to there upcoming end of service. Does Auth0 have any plans to be able to import the data exported from Stormpath via this tool?


Take a look at the User Import/Export extension to import users into Auth0:


Can this support the importing of the password hashes too? If not are there plans to support this?


The import tool or API endpoints do not support importing password hashes. Users will be required to reset their passwords once migrated.

Your other option, if you don’t want users to reset passwords, is to import them using a Custom Database connection, with the Import users to Auth0 setting enabled. This is outlined further here:


I’m sorry, I installed the import/export tool but it wants a format explicit to Auth0. Our exported Stormpath data consists of thousands of json files of account information. Is there a way to map these files to your system?


we are looking for options to replace stormpath - can Auth0 accept this export or not? Okta appears to accept this.