Correctly Formatting JSON for Bulk User Import

Hello! I am trying to import users from an external database into Auth0 and trying to wrap my head around the process. Right now I am exporting to .XLS, converting to .CSV and then using an online converter to JSON. Each time, I am getting the response that each of my records had an error and non were imported correctly.

I am sort of fumbling around in the dark here and not very familiar with processes like this. I think I understand the concept, but something is not lining up in my conversions. Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated and thank you!

Hi @emily_ws,

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I understand that you’re trying to import your users to Auth0 but had issues with JSON formatting.

In this case, you’ll need to check that your JSON file follows the bulk user import database schema with the appropriate objects and properties.

Once your JSON file uses the correct schema, you can import the users to your Auth0 Custom Database.

To start, I recommend that you test importing one user with the correct schema before pursuing the complete bulk user import. Here are some examples you may find helpful.

Hoped this helps!

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thank you.

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