Bulk user creation

I’ve been scouring the documentation looking for this feature, wondering if it’s available. I need to automatically create a few dozen users upon user input (ie, it’s not a “once and done” import, as one might do for migrating existing auth systems to auth0 for the first time)

Is there such a thing as an API for bulk user creation? I understand you support bulk user import via a database connection and json files, but this would require me to setup a temporary table set to be deleted once the operation finishes, as well as create temporary .json files, etc. It doesn’t sound like the cleanest of solutions.

So far I’ve simply executed a single /create-user request for every user to be created, but not only is this not very performant, it also sets me up to reach the API request quota pretty quickly and get throttled.

Happy for any suggestions on the topic.

Hi @Luis-Figueiredo,

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Unfortunately, there isn’t an endpoint that can create users in bulk. For the moment, you will have to create users individually using the Manegement API’s Create a User endpoint.

A workaround, which you have discovered, is to import these users in bulk. This way, you can avoid hitting the rate limits imposed on your account.

Yes, you will have to create a JSON file with the user data you want to import. This will be the only requirement you need to call the Management API’s Create import users job endpoint to import your users.

(Reference: Bulk User Imports)


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