Assigning Roles As Part Of A Bulk User Import Or Doing A Bulk Grant


I wanted to know if was possible as part of a file bulk import to grant roles to users. Looking at the file template there doesn’t seem to be that option unless I am missing something.

If thats not possible, can you do a bulk grant using the a single API call and an array of user IDs?



Hey there Jamie!

It’s not possible using Bulk User Import as far as I know but this Management API endpoint might do the job for you:

Will I not hit a rate limit though if I am updating users one at a time (there’s gonna to be around 9000 imported)?

After looking at this, this does look to do what I need but Is there a limit to the number of user ID’s I can pass through in the array?

There’s no info about that in the explorer but I’m quite sure there will be a limit to that. Let me confirm that with the team!

Here’s the document on that:

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