Assign Role to Users when Bulk Importing via Management API


When using the management API to bulk import a list of users via the /api/v2/jobs/users-imports endpoint, is it possible to also assign roles to the users? I don’t see anything in the JSON schema that lets us assign a role to a user.

However, I did notice that in this tutorial video at 7:25, a role is assigned to a user in the example using the “app_metadata” JSON property. I tried to do the same when testing a bulk import, but that didn’t seem to work. I took a look at the roles and permissions for the new users in the management portal, and nothing was set. The only property that was set was the “app_metadata” property on the user.

Is there any way to actually set a user’s roles and permissions when bulk importing?

NOTE: Our auth API is setup to use RBAC.

Hello @jvivanco,

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It sounds like you might be using the Auth0 “Core RBAC” feature. What is demonstrated in that video is not related to core RBAC. It looks more like a roll-your-own-rbac solution.

One of the Auth0 folks might correct me, but I don’t think it is possible (at this time at least) to import core RBAC stuff via the /users-imports endpoint, since the RBAC data is stored separate from the user’s profile. I suspect you would have to load that data separately using the /roles or /users endpoints.

I’d suggest submitting a feature request here.


Thanks for the reply. For my use-case, I just ended up writing a script to import my list of users using the management API.

The script just iterated my list of users one-by-one, created each user in Auth0 POST /users, then assigned his/her role POST /users/{id}/roles. It’s a brute force (ish) solution, but at the end of the day, it was something that just needed to run once. :grimacing: