Bulk Import failure Django 5.0.4, Logs inconclusive

Hi I’m trying to import a json file:

    "email": "octavio+test02@msk.ai",
    "user_id": 1000,
    "custom_password_hash": {
      "algorithm": "pbkdf2",
      "hash": {
        "value": "C49I6rjRKWZVUwsJmk+U5220dyZOkeh2T1wROpSqJTs=",
        "encoding": "base64"
      "salt": {
        "value": "FpXg0LtGgyqCYnuYgxNPM4",
        "encoding": "base64"
      "hashing_algorithm_params": {
        "rounds": 720000,
        "algorithm": "sha256"

I received an email stating that 1 user was processed but the job failed.

There are no details/logs about why the job failed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @octavio , welcome to our Community! :wave:

When using ‘pbkdf2’ hash algorithm, hash.salt is not allowed on our side, and the hash.encoding must be utf8 :frowning:

Details for ‘pbkdf2’ hash algorithm requirements are here: Bulk User Import Database Schema and Examples

In this case, I believe a user has been created, but during the next login, it will prompt a password reset (as the hashed password has not been migrated for the user). → Can you please confirm? Please let us know if you have any other questions on that topic :+1:


Stupid mistake on my part I’ve been stretched recently & didn’t verify my payload!

I managed to get this fixed & some users uploaded.

I appreciate the response.

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