Generic error message bulk importing users

I’m trying to import a user via the bulk importing job endpoint. The user file contains the following information. The job fails with the following error message, which does not describe the issue.

User upload file contents (hash value redacted)

    "email": ",
    "email_verified": true,
    "custom_password_hash": {
      "algorithm": "md5",
      "hash": {
        "value": "*****,
        "encoding": "base64"

Error returned from /api/v2/jobs/<job_id>/errors

"code": "ONE_OF_MISSING",
"message": "",
"path": "custom_password_hash"

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Hey there @stephen.greer!

Let me research that and get back to you soon!

Hey there again!

It seems like it can be an issue with imported hash format, you may not be following the format correctly or even mixing formats.

Thanks for looking into this. I think the problem with my hash value like you suggested.

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Yep let me know once you adjust it if it works!

You can set a diagnostics level to capture operational logs during the bulk load operation!

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Yep that is correct!