Bug with Welcome emails being truncated


I did some initial testing with Welcome emails and using the default settings with auth0 as the provider the email looks fine. However, after testing with SendGrid I noticed that the welcome email content was not rendering correctly. Strangely this is not happening with Change Password emails or others when I sent test emails.

I have reset the welcome email template to the default, and when I switch back from a custom email provider to Auth0 the email looks fine.

Thinking this was SendGrid I also setup MailGun and am seeing the exact same issue there. I have been wrestling with this for a couple hours now and can reproduce this consistently between Mailgun and Sendgrid. And it only seems to be happening to Welcome Emails - again with the default template configuration.

I even copied and pasted the Change password template into the Welcome email one, and that content gets truncated as well.

I’ve attached screenshots showing how the email looks send through SendGrid and MailGun and then with auth0 as the email provider.

I’ve also viewed the source of the email sent from Auth0 and then sent from both SendGrid and Mailgun and the formatting is definitely different: starting with <! doctype html> (the good version) and Content-tvpe: text/html; charset=utf-8 vs. starting with and Content-Type: text/html; charset=ascii.

See attached:

Any help with this would be appreciated as I need a custom welcome email.


  • Eric