Bug to report...but can't create ticket on free version

i have a development environment and production environment separated by subdomain ie:

using google auth

Been having this set up for 2 months no issue…today an issue where authentication failed in production. Reviewing dashboard logs the error was:

You are using Auth0 development keys which are only intended for use in development and testing. This connection (google-oauth2) should be configured with your own Development Keys to enable the consent page to show your logo instead of Auth0’s. AUTH0 DEVELOPMENT KEYS SHOULD NOT BE USED ON PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS. To learn more about Development Keys please refer to Test Social Connections with Auth0 Developer Keys.

Opening new incognito window, no issue…this might reveal a possible bug if a scenario were to occur where another website was using auth0 it appears it could interfere with my website auth0 for however auth0 is setting up some session or cookie…or am I wrong?

Thanks guys and hopefully a member of Auth0 is monitoring this.