Both email and sms options in New Universal Login

From that article - Passwordless Login Page with Both SMS and Email Options - Auth0 Community we’ve got info how we can handle both sms and email options. But I guess it’s for classic universal login. What if I want to use new universal login instead of classic? How can I reach that?

Hi @max.shuldiner777

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Unfortunatelly, it’s not possible for the new universal login. It relays on custom code for giving user a possibility to choose between SMS and email and it’s currently not possible with the new universal login

The webAuth.passwordlessStart method accepts a connection parameter, and the value​ must be either email or sms . It is just a matter completing the following:

  • Enabling both sms and email connections on the application.
  • Designing a custom login page to give the user a choice.
  • Passing the appropriate parameters to webAuth.passwordlessStart in the custom login page.


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