Block Sign up on Universal Login when using the Android SDK

Block Sign Up on Universal Login in the Android SDK

I would like to block sign up on Universal Login when using the Android SDK and only allow Login.
However, I do not want to make this an Invite only application as we would like to allow Sign Ups on our web application.

Please let me know if there is a way to do this.
Thank you

Hey there @saiprajnanemani!

Thanks a lot for sharing your usecase!

Let me research the field a bit and get back to you soon!

Hey again!

Soo, if you are using the new Universal Login then it’s not possible but if you use the classic one you can pass any param you want and get it from the authParams variable that is available when you customize the classic experience.

Whatever needs to be sent from the android client side, the WebAuthProvider builder class allows it.

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