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Hide Signup option from login page using Auth0-PHP SDK



We are implemented Auth0 on our PHP application with this SDK auth0/auth0-php and this version 5.3.2 and we want to remove Signup option from the Login page.

Everything is implemented and working fine, but we want to remove the SignUp option from the Auth0 Login page. We are tried some way but it’s not working.

After, some research we found the Lock Library which is allowing to modify the Auth0 Login page like allowSignUp. So, is there any way to do same things using auth0-PHP SDK?

We have tried this way with PHP SDK to remove SignUp option from Auth0 Login Page.

$this->Auth0->login(’ ', ’ ', [‘allowSignUp’ => false]);

But, it’s not working because we are not using Auth0 Lock Library we want a way to use Lock Library Param with Auth0-PHP SDK either restrict the user to signup on Auth0 using Auth0 Rules.

Best Regards,
Krupal Patel


Hey there @krupalpatel92!

When it comes to your case as far as I know in terms of Lock cause I have no experience with PHP you won’t be able to use the parameter used in Lock library and utilize it with our PHP-SDK.

About rules, they are triggered after successful verification so they are not for customising your login page UI before user even puts their credentials there.