AuthWeb how to set allowSignUp

I use webAuth and i try to disable signUp and Forget password but it doesn’t work
in doc is it allowSignUp: false and allowForgotPassword: false in options but this doesn’t work.

I tried to do as is described in doc but this doesn’t work:

var options = {   
  allowSignUp: false
const auth0 = new Auth0(auth0Config, options );

The allowSignUp and allowForgotPassword are customization options available in Lock 10 and not in the Auth0.js library which it seems is where you’re trying to set them.

In addition you mention that you’re using WebAuth which would indicate the use of Auth0.js v8, however, the provide code new Auth0(...) is aligned with v7, as the expected way to instantiate WebAuth would be:

var webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth({ /* options */ });

Assuming that you’re using WebAuth and then you are calling the authorize method to navigate to the hosted login page (where by default Auth0 Lock is indeed used) then you need to provide the options in question to the Lock configuration used in your hosted login page.

The way to achieve the above is to customize your hosted login page; see the reference docs for further information.