Authentication issues - it is happening now

We are using Auth0 as an authentication mechanism and now we’ve started receiving error codes http 429 - too many requests. Our users cannot log in due to this, so we need an urgent support.

Do you experience any issues at present? Please contact me on email: or my mobile: +44 772 4580 176

Please treat this case as P1.

Hi @LPOD01,

Please create a support ticket for urgent requests:

They should be able to help you address rate limit issues as well.

Thanks Dan for your response. This URL you gave me, leads to the same place where I have started off. On that page, there’s no link to any Support section but only to links to the articles with technical descriptions. I’m looking where to speak to support and it doesn’t seem to be there or is well hidden.


I’m going to DM you and we can work this out privately.

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