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Account compromised, how do I get in touch with Auth0?



Hi all,

So unfortunately my Auth0 account has been compromised.

The person has gone in, changed my password and also now put a 2fa in place on the account.

As I don’t have the 2fa reset token I have no capability to login.

I’ve tried to email support but get an instant bounce back because I’m on the free tier it’s community support only.

To get to this community page I’ve had to make a new community account.

I noticed this approx 6 hours ago when services that use Auth0 failed, indicating that whoever got access to the account has also made some modifications.

In situations like this, how do I get Auth0 involved?

Any guidance on what to do would be great.




Hey @mathew2 - we attempted to reach out to you via Twitter after you raised this on Saturday. If you’re still having issues, please either send our Twitter account a DM or you can send a DM to @kim.noel here on the forum and she can get you taken care of.

To be honest, the process you followed is good (reaching out on Social and then posting in here) and we can take it from there.



Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the message, I’ve pm’ed Kim in the forum here.
Thanks for your help!


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