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Authentication Error Access expired


We’re sending our customers ticket urls (https://auth0domain/lo/reset?&ticket=someTicket)

We’re facing a static page, " Authentication Error Access expired."

According to that one Unburying that one : Auth error when user tries to verify their email, this url should accept a redirectTo, and obviously redirect right away our customer to the page specified

kim.noelCommunity Engineer is exposing the redirect, can’t we rely on it ?

This one looks related Is it possible to customize the change password ticket?

Whatever the use case being (already used link, outdated link, etc…), we expect to be able to redirect to a defined url. Can we expect that ?


Hi @ben9.

The URL should be configured at the Change Password email template (look for the Redirect To field).

When a user tries to use an invalid link, Auth0 should redirect the browser to that URL, with some information in the query string, E.g.:


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