Change Password flow: "Authentication Error - Access expired" in some scenarios while "Redirect URL" used in others

When in the reset password flow edge cases, I’ve customised the Redirect To URL in the Change Password template for it to be redirected to a custom error page to deal with the different scenarios.

This has covered the following cases:

  • When user has already used the link to reset their password successfully - you cannot use it more than once → Redirects to Redirect URL configured
  • When URL expires due to custom set lifetime → Redirects to Redirect URL configured

Edge case scenario NOT covered:

  • When user sends multiple reset password emails to the same email - old ones still redirect to this “Authentication Error Access expired” screen because only the last email sent is valid. They are treated in a different way somehow.

How could I make that case behave like the top ones? It needs to be consistent - otherwise user is left hanging in that screen.

Thank you.