Authentication Error Access expired When Password Reset

The redirect not working after seeing this page

Hi @poran.chowdury ,

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The error on the screen means that the connection has expired. Could you provide additional details, such as the steps before you see this error, and DM me the sample user email and name of your tenant? Thanks!

Hi @lihua.zhang
I have a similar problem.

In my case, I get “Authentication Error access expired” when I click on the URL link in the email I received right after I post request to /dbconnections/change_password.

Hi @ncgm ,

This could be due to the URL Lifetime under the Change Password Email Template being short? The URL Lifetime allows you to modify the lifetime of the link. If it is small, can you increase it and check it again?


Thanks for letting me know, @lihua.zhang .
The URL Lifetime is set to 5 days. I am having trouble understanding why I am getting “Authentication Error access expired” when I accessed within 5 minutes of resetting my password.

@ncgm were you able to resolve this? I’m getting the same error