Auth0 Support of Unity and Unreal

We are actively working on a lot of metaverse related projects, for example one of them is the development of an application that uses AR/MR for rapid reskilling of people. As the world embraces this technology more and more we need increasingly secure login systems. We are working on integrating Auth0 as we’re already using this as part of our other apps.

We would like to request, like others have before us, official Auth0 support of Unity and Unreal at plugin level. This would be huge for the sector especially as Academia and Enterprise are now embracing AR/VR and MR.

We’ve already checked out Unity Plugin for Auth0 Android SDK and are using this as a starting point for this development.


Perfect! Apart from that we unfortunately don’t have any tools that can help you. You can always file a feature request using our Feedback category here:

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