Unity Plugin for Auth0 Android SDK

As a follow-up from the last post regarding all the things needed to know for this project, I’ve recently open sourced the starting project on GitHub for creating a Unity Plugin for the Auth0 SDK. Currently this just addresses Android as the target platform for Unity applications that need Auth0 / OAuth sign on.

The project can be found on GitHub here https://github.com/oshea00/TestUnityAuth0Plugin

There are two projects: an Android Studio project for the plugin/wrapper which exposes the Auth0 Android SDK to Unity (UnityLib). The other project is a test Unity application for testing the plugin on Android devices (UnityProject)

To get this working for your project, the plugin project should be built in Android Studio and the resulting aar file for the plugin module copied to the Unity project’s Assets/Plugins/Android folder. Then the Unity project can be built in Unity and the resulting apk tested locally in your favorite Android emulator or device. (see README.md)

Anyone wishing to contribute can hit us up on the GitHub repo. Checkout the Contribution guidelines for more information.

A detailed how-to including the Auth0 setup and walkthrough of the project is coming soon. There’s more work to do, but this will get eager-beavers started.

That’s it for now!


Thanks a lot for putting it together @oshea00! To make it more visible for whole community I moved it to Show Your Auth0 category where we keep such topics. Really appreciate that!

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Hi @oshea00,

Thank you once again for sharing your Auth0 Unity Plugin project with the Community!

We are currently highlighting Auth0 Community member contributions on the #Auth0Community Twitter account. Would it be alright if we share your GitHub repo and tag you in an upcoming tweet? It would be great to share your plugin with our followers! If you’re fine with that please share your Twitter handle in the thread.

Thanks again!


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