Auth0 SDK for Nuxt 3

Feature: Please provide an auth0 SDK for Nuxt 3

Description: / Use-case:
My customers application should use Nuxt 3 with Server Side Rendering.
The customers authentication provider is Auth0.
We are currently migrating to Nuxt3, but are experiencing Auth0 to block this task 100%.

Unfortunatly Auth0 still does not provide any SDK for Nuxt. It provides one for Next.js. So i would like to ask if their shouldn’t also be one for Nuxt, as Nuxt meanwhile is widely used in the vue community.

I need to support server side rendering with auth0. So already on the server i need to know if the user is logged in or not and have access to the token for server side api calls. I need to know this information on both, client and server.
Also i need to be able to use custom login/register page.
But there is no SDK, no documentation, no example. Simply nothing that helps us getting Auth0 running with Nuxt 3.

In past with Nuxt 2 there was a nuxt module to handle authentication but it is not compatible with nuxt 3. For nuxt 3 there is non official module yet, which make it even worse that Auth0 is providing nothing to use their service with nuxt.

There is one community package (from sidebase) one can use, but it is only working client side, seem to not provide custom login/register pages and end up in weird issues because of some internal conflicts with nuxt. Its also only a wrapper arount next.js to get it somehow working for nuxt. This is far away from ideal and no solution with our requirements.

So currently the missing support of Auth0 for Nuxt is blocking our Migration to Nuxt. Everything else would work totally fine. This is really annoying and a big problem for us.

So i would like to left my request here for an Auth0 SDK for nuxt, or any guidance on how to implement it with Nuxt with SSR and custom login/register.

Any help appreciated.

Hey there!

Thanks @awacode21 for raising that! I can already see that it got two votes which is good, basically the more votes it will receive the more likely our engineering team will implement that. We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates on that front!

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@konrad.sopala As this still is a really big issue for us (btw a very big company using your service) i would like to ask if you got already enough votes to work on this or if it is still in state “don’t know if we ever will work on it”?

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Hey there @awacode21 !

Just reached out to our SDK team regarding that. Once I receive the answer will make sure to relay the information here.

In the meantime that we wait for their answer it seems that which, according to some github issues seems to work with Auth0 on Nuxt3 [nitro] [dev] [uncaughtException] TypeError: Auth0Provider is not a function · Issue #271 · sidebase/nuxt-auth · GitHub

Just received a response from the SDK Team Product Manager.

Nuxt is something that we’ve been keeping tabs on. We don’t have any immediate plans unfortunately but its something that we will be looking at deeper most likely in Q3 when we explore more framework expansions with our existing SDKs.