Auth0 with Nuxt 3

It seems that Auth0 is missing an official sdk for nuxt 3… or even nuxt at all.
I need to implement auth0 with nuxt 3 including server side rendering. So i already need to know on nuxt server if user is logged in and need to have the access token for api calls.
I wonder how to implement auth0 with nuxt 3. There is no sdk, there is no documentation, no example, no community comments about that.

Only thing i saw is Nuxt-auth Module · Nuxt which is some kind of wrapper around GitHub - nextauthjs/next-auth: Authentication for the Web. and somehow contains a provider for auth0. But with this it seems i cannot have my own login page and always need to use the one from the provider, also it seems it only works client side, but i need it both client and server side. Last but not least when integrating this module to my nuxt application the server crashes with
$fetch is not defined once i add the module to the application. so it seems to somehow conflicts with nuxt 3’s $fetch.

So i wonder if auth0 team or community can help with a guide for nuxt 3. Seems like there is an sdk for next.js since a while. Shouldn’t there also be one for nuxt.

Anyone out there managed to have auth0 with nuxt 3 application and server side rendering and custom login page?

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Hey there!

So as you have researched we as Auth0 still don’t have an official SDK for NuxtJS but I highly encourage you to leave such feedback with context using our feedback category here:

but there were a few other users searching for that in the past so that might do the trick for now:

@konrad.sopala The solution this user post is referring to is for Nuxt 2. As we use Nuxt 3 we cannot use that solution. There is not yet an official nuxt 3 module for Authentication. It’s on Nuxt roadmap, but no one knows when it will be shipped. Only knowing there is not much focus on it. The only thing i found for Nuxt 3 is the community module of sidebase i mentioned in my entry comment, together with the mentioned issues :frowning: so unfortunately it does not help.

Will write a comment to feedback category. :frowning:
Currently only auth0 blocks the use of Nuxt 3 and this is extremely annoying

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i left the required feedback: Auth0 SDK for Nuxt 3


Perfect! I just saw that!

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