Auth0 intergration with Nuxt

i’m working a frontend based project using Nuxt3.
I’m looking to impleme some sort of authentication/authorization, but i realize that there is no SDK for Nuxt.
And I’ve been trying to intergrate this using the spa-js library, but it has limited functionality.

One cannot evaluate authentication state after navigation to a different route. (using isAuthenticated() – it always returns false)

If i’m wrong, how would you reccomend i use Nuxt with Auth0.
Cause it causes problems as it doesn’t wrap around the entire application like it does with React/Angular or Vue or NextJs.

Hi @george2,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Apologies, we don’t currently have a Nuxt3 example. We have a request for it here. Please take a moment to add a vote to it and provide any additional context. Thank you!

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