Auth0 Plan to support MFA with SMS


Our application needs MFA via SMS. While the Auth0 pricing page specifies that the Professional plan supports Pro MFA (DUO & one-time password app), we are only interested in SMS. Does the Essential plan support this?

Additionally, given that we have prod, staging, and development tenants, if we opt for a paid plan for our prod tenant to enable SMS, will we need to pay separately for the staging tenant to test SMS functionality? Or is the staging tenant automatically covered with the same features under the prod plan without additional costs?

Thanks for your help!

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Great questions! I’m excited to let you know about our next Ask me Anything session in the Forum on Thursday, November 16 with the Self-Services and Billing Product team. Submit your questions now and our esteemed product experts will provide written answers on November 16. Can’t wait to see you there!

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