Auth0.OidcClient.WPF ver 3.x+ empty login page

I’m building a trivial C# WPF application in VS2019 and following your example, I’ve added nuget package Auth0.OidcClient.WPF, latest version 2.3.14. When calling LoginAsync(), a completely empty window with “Authenticating…” title is opened. No errors, no hints of what’s wrong. Same code, reverting to version 2.4.3 works perfectly.

Any suggestion on what may be wrong?


I’ve tracked down the problem to the new browser (Edge?) used by version 3+. If I force the browser to be IE with

Browser = new WebBrowserBrowser()

Login works again. How do I debug any problems there? My Universal Login Page loads up just fine in Edge browser…

Found out another hint: it must be something related to my account. If I try a similar native app in my dev/test account it works… I really don’t understand what may be the cause.